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How to Choose an All-Inclusive Wedding Package

While every wedding is unique in its own way, there are so many details to take into consideration. This is why many couples will explore the option of an all-inclusive wedding package for their big day. This allows them to pay a set price that includes all their wedding vendors and services.

Choosing an all-inclusive wedding package should be easy if all things are equal. Depending on the wedding planning company, what’s included in a package will vary and it will be important for you to find the best package for your needs. For example, will you need a DJ for your intimate wedding ceremony? Will you need lighting for your outdoor wedding? Will the venue provide food?

 All-Inclusive Wedding Package

Is an All-Inclusive Wedding Package the best option?

While an all-inclusive wedding package can seem like an easy option as everything is covered in the one package, they are not for every couple.

Choosing an all-inclusive wedding package means sacrificing your ability to be able to customize your wedding details without limitations. Most all-inclusive wedding packages will come with a predetermined list of vendors, which might not be the best fit for your wedding. You will also have to think about how your wedding budget is allocated since the package would have assigned specific amounts to different areas when the package was created.

This is where hiring a wedding planner is helpful. A wedding planner can not only help you navigate your wedding planning process, but they can create a package that is best suited for you, rather than offering a predetermined one with little to no customizations.

What’s included in an All-Inclusive Wedding Package?

Unfortunately, all packages are different and will include different options based on the wedding planner offering the package.

At Bespoke Socials, for example, our packages include:

  • Logistics (floor plans, budgets, contract review, venue tours)

  • Creative (design, details, cool ideas, a menu of options)

  • Management (day-of-event management, experienced advice, listening to you, and advocating for you)

What will you need in an All-Inclusive Wedding Package?

While every wedding is different, there are a few items that the Bespoke team recommends to every couple.

  • Vendor Referrals - We get to know our couples and the needs of their wedding, then match them with professionals who get them and contribute to the big picture intention of their day. We pride ourselves on supporting local artists and small businesses with values that align with our clients.

  • Contract/Quote Review - While we do not replace legal advice, we know what a fair quote looks like and what's normal. We want to make sure our clients' time and investment are protected. We ask questions, advocate for our clients, and make sure there are no surprises.

  • Design - Color palettes and mood boards, of course! Also logistics management, rental coordination, floral suggestions, and installs. Ambiance takes skill and taste, and it makes one of the biggest impacts on our client’s wedding day. We even provide our own curated selection of rentals to make design a little easier (and more fun).

How do you book an All-Inclusive Wedding Package?

Hire a wedding planner! Having someone on hand to coordinate all the wedding details for you is extremely helpful and time-saving. With most all-inclusive wedding packages you will be working with a single planner or a team of wedding planners. Wedding packages vary but can include destination weddings, where your planner will travel with you to your desired location as a part of the package.

Before you book a package and start working with a wedding planner or venue, we recommend first completing a consultation. This will allow you to meet the wedding vendor and their team, to get a better idea of if they’ll be a good fit.

If you’re looking for more details on how to create a custom all-inclusive wedding package, give me a call!

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