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3 Trendy Wedding Dress Shops in Kansas City

There is no shortage of wedding dress shops in Kansas City. From stores offering traditional designers gowns to custom dresses for the offbeat bride.

Your wedding dress should be a reflection of you and what better way to do that, than through a unique wedding dress? If you're a bride looking for a one-of-a-kind dress to help you show off your style and stand out from the crowd, keep reading.

But before you schedule an appointment, here are a few tips that our past clients have found helpful when choosing a wedding gown:

  • Schedule your wedding dress appointment earlier in the day. This ensures that your energy levels are high, stores will be less crowded and your consultant will be able to offer you more undivided attention.

  • Find the best dress for your body. While it might be tempting to choose a gown because it is pretty, trendy, or popular because someone famous wore something similar, don’t. A trendy dress might look great in a magazine but might not fit your silhouette. Instead, find a dress that looks and feels like it is custom-made just for you, even if it’s not!

  • Take Pictures. Yes, you should be present and enjoying the moment with your shopping buddies, but you will thank us for this one. During the course of your shopping you will try on a number of dresses, and you might forget why you liked or didn’t like them. Don’t rely on your memory. Snap photos of you wearing each dress and then take them home to review and decide.

  • Choose your shopping support team carefully. Yes, I called them a support team for a reason. While you might think you need to invite every one of your friends and family members to go dress shopping with you, this might actually cause more confusion than help. It’s important to only bring a few people with you to help support your selection, rather than a large group offering varying opinions.

We’ve rounded up three (3) wedding dress shops in Kansas City that offer trendy and unique gowns for your wedding day.

(Source: High Vibe Bride)

If you're looking for a wedding dress designer to wave a magic wand and help you co-create your dream wedding dress, then look no further than High Vibe Bride. With a focus on providing a highly personalized and collaborative dress shopping experience, you will have a supportive team helping you find the perfect dress.

Bridal Dress Shops in Kansas City

(Source: Gown Gallery)

Located in the heart of the Crossroads Arts District, and with over 30 years experience helping brides find the perfect gown, the Gown Gallery is worth a visit. This boutique offers a wide variety of Bridal and Bridal party gowns. Each bride is paired with their personal consultant, who will assist you with customizations, alternations and finding the best accessories to match your gown.

(Source: Ricca Sposa)

Looking for a custom dress? This boutique should be on your list. From the beginning until your dress is ready for pick up, no detail is spared. Brides are guaranteed to leave with a gown that is not only comfortable but perfectly fitted to their body type.

Struggling to choose a wedding dress? We would love to help. Send us a message and we can share some jaw dropping styles from our past brides and where they bought them!

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