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The Simple Social

Weddings are a big thing. Celebration doesn't have to be.

The big wedding with all the bells and whistles is a blast, but it's not for everyone. The Simple Social asserts the beauty and utility of low-key celebrations.


They take less time to plan, require little to no coordination, and are financially accessible to anyone wanting to get married simply but beautifully.


Any of this resonate?

  • You don't really see yourself in the world of weddings. Outfit changes, wedding party proposals, 3-person photo and video teams... it all can feel like a lot.

  • You don't need a big production, just the most essential services for a fun and happy celebration. It's the little things (a pretty sunset, a cold drink on a hot day, the laughter of a loved one) that make the biggest difference. 

  • Finding ideas, inspiration, and vendors that match the vibe can be frustrating. It's difficult to know what to do, who to trust, or what you really need.

  • You don't want to spend hundreds of hours planning, or rack up 5+ figures in expenses, but you still want everyone to have a good time.


The Simple Social

A lowkey celebration for down-to-earth couples.

  • A heartfelt, fun, and relaxed experience to celebrate your marriage.

  • Takes place in a naturally beautiful space, with little to no adornment.

  • Embraces quality over quantity with services, timeline, and guests.

  • For couples with a total budget under $10k.

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Examples of a
Simple Social

What your Simple Social can be:​

  • Getting married in a garden, then having cake, champagne, and apps amidst the flowers.

  • Renting a large house for the weekend, and catering in your favorite restaurant after your sunset ceremony on the deck.

  • A ceremony at a park, followed by parents on the grill and releasing wishing luminaries on the lake.

  • A picturesque courthouse,  then a private room in a restaurant with your closest friends and family.

  • A ceremony on a rooftop, then brunch, then karaoke, then trivia at your favorite dive bar.


How does a wedding planner factor into a simple celebration?

I have found some amazing hidden gems in Kansas City, at multiple styles and price points. I've also developed best practices that can be applied to any celebration. I want to make the path smoother for folks walking off the beaten path of what a wedding is "supposed" to be... from someone who struggled to find the same back when she was doing something similar herself.


The Simple Social is a way to honor the lessons learned, collaborate with vendors who love low-key celebrations, as well as support the couples getting married today.


Lets avoid these roadblocks:

  • Too much guess-work in regards to services needed, pricing, timeline, and ideas

  • Vendors who don't get your style and try to set you up with services you just don't need

  • Not getting the low-key services you actually do need that make a big difference

  • Confused guests, confused vendors, and an overwhelmed couple

  • Poorly allocated time, resources, and energy- resulting in a loss of all

  • Missed opportunities to connect and enjoy a great time


To make your path a little smoother:

  • A curated list of unique spaces that provide a nice ambiance and simple services in & around Kansas City

  • A curated list of vendors with minimalist packages but great services in & around Kansas City

  • Tips & advice for which little things make the biggest difference, and simple but fun ways to connect with your guests

  • The best ways to allocate your budget, get on the same page with loved ones, communicate with vendors, and create a beautiful but simple celebration

What it Costs

A custom plan with venue & vendor recs and planning guides is $500, but I'll take $100 off if you share your story on the other side of the journey. ;)

If you want unlimited email contact while you implement the plan, its $100/mo as long as you need it.

If you want a planner to implement the plan for you. or coordination the day of, pricing and availability varies.



Q: What's a good budget for a Simple Social?

A Simple Social is perfect for smaller budgets under $10k. Most come in between $3k and 8k.

Q, Is there a guest list cap?

Nope! The fewer guests, however, the easier it will be to provide a nice experience within your budget and lighten the pressure.

Q. Who will coordinate my wedding?

Simplicity is the name of the game. With good communication, the few vendors you bring on should be self-sufficient. Set-up and timeline needs will be minimal. If you really want the extra set of hands, we can help out, but you shouldn't need us.

Q: When should I sign up for a Simple Social?

As soon as you're ready to start planning! You should, ideally, book Simple Social planning before any other vendors. If you've got just a couple of things in place, however, you'll still get a lot out of it.

Q. What will I still need to plan?

Simple Social planning points you in the right direction, but you're still in the drivers' seat. You'll be reaching out to the vendors on your list, signing your own contracts, sending invites, etc (but with a list of resources and tips on how to do it)

Q. What if I need more help?

I believe in you! But if planning really isn't your thing, I've got some simple planning solutions that can work into the budget.


Get on the Waitlist

Simple Social planning is launching by the end of 2023! Get on the waitlist for updates, special offers, and first access.

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