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Creative Approach

Heartfelt moments and experiences that connect you and yours to something honored, meaningful, and true.

...cabin wedding weekends with a handfasting, bonfire, and s'mores. elpopements with live music and sunset toasts

...private estate weddings with yard games, a clear top tent, and string lights

...let the adventure begin.


Celebrations that awe, inspire, and connect

Our planning style is unique.

We plan from a foundation of intention. Who you are, what you have to say, what a good time looks like, the little things that make a big difference. We want to take all of it and turn it into an authentic celebration with a uniquely you perspective. We're more in the business of creating new traditions than following them.

We partner closely with each couple. You won't feel like you're in an assembly line, that you're being forced into a box, or that you're following a template. You'll be seen, guided through a tailored experience, and get to celebrate every milestone along the way. We only take on a handful of weddings a year to support deep relationships and focused creativity.

We walk off the beaten path. We create in unique spaces, with thoughtful designs, and creative vendor teams. We pride ourselves on hidden gems and fresh ideas. We love micro weddings, unique formats, and creating one of a kind experiences.



Wedding Planning By Phases & Milestones

This gets to be fun, chill, and connected. Here's a peek behind the scenes of our journey:

Phase I: Vision

This is the ideation phase, where we discuss all that your celebration can be. We color outside of the wedding lines to create something authentically you, backed by the thoughtful experience of a professional who knows how to pull it off.

Phase II: Blueprint

Now that we've got a really cool idea in place, we begin to pull the essential members of your team together and start the design process. No guess work or Googling, a menu of great options pre-vetted for fit.

Phase III: Structure

We'll build upon initial plans to finalize your vendor team and the details of your design. This is where floor plans, timelines, and checklists start to fill up your wedding planning folder (don't worry, we do all that stuff).

Phase IV: Flair

Now, we get to add all those cool details that make your celebration undeniably you. This is usually where the funny quotes, heartfelt mementos, and signature drinks come into play.

Phase V: Celebrate

Let's enjoy all that love, intention, and creation we've poured into your celebration. Our team is on the vendor check ins, timeline management, and set up. You and yours are on the long hugs, big smiles, and happy tears. Get lost in the moment, knowing someone else is holding the clipboard. From your perspective, it feels a little like magic.

No matter how we work together, expect full service. Your needs are fully supported as planning naturally ebbs and flows.

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