About Bespoke Socials


Bespoke Socials Small Wedding Planning designs intimate celebrations for offbeat couples. We provide a thoughtful process and personalized support to those who seek to color outside the wedding lines. We believe celebrations should reflect the best parts of life itself, and that’s why your values are at the heart of our process. With wedding industry insight, rebellious creativity, and pretty spreadsheets, we create authentic expressions of unique love stories.

We want to show you yourself, and for you to fall in love with what you see. Your values, your community, your story- we want your celebration to reflect your deepest intentions for a life well lived.

We want you to love (as an action) your (the authentic you) life (your values and community/the best parts of being alive).


Some things we love:

1. LGBTQ+ couples, interracial couples, couples of all religious backgrounds, couples who have kids

2. Vow renewals (you can celebrate your marriage whenever the hell you want).

3. Weddings that look like no one else's

Your love story is welcome here. We take care of the details so you can focus on what matters most during your engagement: preparing for marriage and falling more deeply in love.

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Meet the Team


Kaleia Stallsmith

Lead Planner/Designer


Keilah Stallsmith

Creative Director


Kyla Stallsmith

Marketing Manager

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Hey! I'm Keilah

Pronounced "Kayla"

I canceled my wedding in 2014, and walked into my alternative celebration just ready to get it over with. Somehow I walked out with a greater appreciation for what really matters, and I'm on a mission to help others celebrate that way from the start. That translates to...

  • Cabin weddings with handfastings, bonfires, and s'mores

  • Picturesque elopements with live music and sunset picnics

  • AirBnb weddings with yard games, best friend officiants, and flower dogs

  • Black tie dinner cruise weddings with full designs and intricate tablescapes

  • Vow renewal getaways with lots of adventures, romance, and surprises

I ask a lot of questions, challenge the status quo, and love to try new things and implement new ideas. I'm huge on

I live in Central Iowa with my husband Brandon (my biggest cheerleader), our toddler daughter Margot (my biggest inspiration), and our cat Pandora (my cat).