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About Bespoke Socials

Hi! I'm Keilah Stallsmith (aka Elena Bespoke, my professional alter ego) and I wear a lot of hats around here. I hope I'll be planning your intimate celebration soon!

How did I end up here? I studied technical theatre at Grinnell College, which got me used to running around behind the scenes, bringing projects from ideation to implementation, and living creatively. Theatre also helped me think about rituals, story-telling, and how to create profound meaning for an audience via staging, lights, color, and sound. While in school I ran our biannual drag show for three years, and the relationship between theatre and events was solidified. These days I use my theatrical skills to create offbeat intimate weddings with a lot of magic.

I ask a lot of questions, challenge the status quo, and love to try new things and implement new ideas. I'm huge on community-building, I believe beginning marriages with happy celebrations is how I put more good into the world, and I think the wedding industry is long overdue for a makeover. It makes sense I find myself here creating a space for the offbeat and nontraditional in the wedding scene.

I live in Central Iowa with my husband Brandon (my biggest cheerleader), our toddler daughter Margot (my biggest inspiration), and our cat Pandora (my cat).

Happy planning!


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Iowa, United States

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