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About Bespoke Socials

Bespoke Socials designs connected experiences for intentional couples. We serve as a guide and advocate for those who want to color outside the wedding lines, elevating joy with generous support for thoughtful intention. With wedding industry insight, rebellious creativity, and pretty spreadsheets, we create an authentic expression of your unique love story.

We want to see the best parts of you in your celebration. It should be beautiful, fun, unique, and true. It should bring people together in the best ways. It should amplify the best parts of your journey. We proudly support artists, local businesses, sustainable practices, and doing all things with purpose.

We aim to put more good into the world, one kick-ass wedding at a time.

Meet the Team


Kaleia Stallsmith

Lead Planner/Designer


Keilah Stallsmith

Creative Director


Kyla Stallsmith

Chief Magic Officer

Arms up red dress.jpg

Hey! I'm Keilah

Pronounced "Kayla" (she/her)

I am a Los Angeles native, musical theatre nerd, makeup aficionado, and lover of post apocalyptic fiction. I ask a lot of questions, challenge the status quo, and love to try new things and implement new ideas. I'm huge on community building and making spaces for people on the margins.


INTJ, 3w4 if you're into that sort of thing.


I got my start with drag shows and retirement home parties, and I'm passionate about celebrating what matters most (with flair). I am a recovering control freak and introvert whose glad I'm not the one walking down the aisle this time.


When I'm not planning weddings you can find me at home in leggings with a good podcast, buying candles at farmer's markets, and looking for a new DnD campaign. I love good stories, good art, chill evenings on the deck, and brunch. I hope I'll be planning your celebration soon.

I live in Kansas City, Missouri with my husband Brandon (my biggest cheerleader), our toddler daughter Margot (my biggest inspiration), and our cat Pandora (our cat).


Inclusion Statement

Bespoke Socials proudly plans weddings for those who don't represent the false "default". Bring us your gay weddings, your interracial marriages, your spiritual commitment ceremonies, and the couples with kids. We can handle your vegan diet, your mobility aids, and your desire to support small businesses and leave little waste. Vow renewals are one of our favorite things in the world (you can celebrate your marriage whenever the hell you want). Your (offbeat) story is the default here. Can't wait to celebrate!


Core Values

What Sets Us Apart

Why we do what we do


We do things on purpose. We are thoughtful. We make decisions with considerable thought to their long-term impact.


It is important to define the room (this is who we serve, this is who it is for). We believe in quality time and quality over quanity.


We serve these people well. We show up fully. We are present. We are committed to being our best selves. We ask for help.


We live fearlessly as ourselves so others can do the same. Each individual has something remarkable to bring to the world.


We believe in art and the impact it has on culture and community. We value the creative process and the artists who provide it.


Seek the good. We appreciate what we have, especially the little things.

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