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Best Small Wedding Venues in Kansas City

Updated: Apr 26

A couple on their wedding day cuddles in front of the Kansas City skyline at an intimate wedding venue

Thinking of doing something small?

Intimate weddings offer a unique experience for a select group of people. They are chic, immersive, aesthetic, and allow you to spend quality time in a beautiful environment with your favorite people. Your budget will stretch to include more personalized details and quality services.

As a wedding planner who specializes in intimate celebrations, Kansas City has some amazing small wedding venues for intimate celebrations. In this article, I get to share all of my favorites.

First, a couple tips:

  1. Consider unique venue needs

All small spaces aren’t set up with the same conveniences of larger ones. If you aren’t up for space flips, getting ready off site, or pre-paying valet, you want to make sure that’s not necessary before you make it official.

  1. Smaller weddings can still need plenty of space

Remember that the max is just that- the maximum amount of people you’d want to pack into a room. Just because a space advertises itself as having a larger capacity doesn’t mean it’s a poor fit for your smaller wedding. After you take a potential dance floor, music, dessert table, and head table into consideration, you still need quite a bit of square footage. A creative floor plan makes a big difference. Some spaces that list capacities for more guests can actually be perfect for much smaller guest lists.

  1. Walk through the space with your planner

If you not only want access to some hidden gems in Kansas City, but to have an expert make sure your favorite space is logistically sound, you want to bring your planner along. A venue often has a venue coordinator, there to oversee the venues’ responsibilities on the wedding day. If you want someone to support you and all aspects of your celebration, a full service wedding planner will help you create a personalized celebration. Bespoke Socials specializes in intimate Kansas City weddings. Reach out here if you still need a planner!

Now, in no particular order, here some of my favorite amazing small wedding venues in Kansas City, perfect for intimate celebrations:

<100 Guests

A couple kisses at the altar at Kansas City intimate venue La Villa

La Villa

An indoor/outdoor Kansas City venue with Spanish architecture and artful details. Max capacity 150.

On Broadway

A funky rooftop in the heart of downtown Kansas City, complete with incredible views. Max capacity 200.

Corrigan Station

A fun and industrial rooftop in the heart of downtown Kansas City, perfect for live music. Max capacity 200.

The Gatsby on Oak

A luxury venue paying hommage to the timeless vibes of Kansas City, perfect for vintage weddings with grandeur.

For <75 Guests

A bride seated at a table at a small wedding venue in Kansas City

Colonial Gardens Courtyard

A real-life working farm and garden center that can transform into a stunning outdoor venue with farm-to-table cuisine. Max capacity 100.

The Kansas City Club

Multiple spaces all featuring cozy charm and luxe vintage details.

Three Points Rooftop

A swanky and upscale luxury indoor/outdoor rooftop venue with floor to ceiling windows. Max capacity 100 guests.

For <50 Guests

A bohemian boutique hotel in Kansas City perfect for micro weddings

The Scarlet Room at Society

A sensual and moody lounge with colorful details in the Kansas City Art District. Max capacity 75 guests.

Hotel Phillips

A historical hotel with a vintage ballroom space, ornate modern details, and a speakeasy in the lounge.

Oak Street Mansion

A historic mansion with an art gallery and  beautiful garden that can host your wedding party overnight.

No Vacancy

A micro hotel with a funky and quaint patio area with colorful artwork. Max capacity 60 guests.

For <25 Guests

A moody intimate Kansas City wedding venue

Powell Gardens

The Conservatory (up to 60 guests) and the Marlese Lowe Garden (up to 35 guests) are perfect for a micro wedding surrounded by nature.

Pendergast Lounge at Tom's Town

A moody vintage lounge-style venue with vintage furniture, exposed brick, and wallpaper.

Southmoreland on the Plaza

A historic mansion with a pretty dining room and intimate deck space. You’ll want to stay the whole wedding weekend.

Planning an Intimate Wedding in KCMO

A recently married couple kisses with Kansas City in the background
Renata Zimmer Photography

Alright! There's my list.

It is by no means extensive of all the gorgeous intimate venues in KCMO, but it should give you a bit of a starting point. As you can see, Kansas City has some incredible opportunities for intimate weddings. If you want to know more about my story as a Kansas City wedding planner who loves smaller celebrations, check it out here.

The best way to connect with incredible venues, of course, is to partner with an intimate wedding planner. A planner will put together a list of spaces perfect for you. Bespoke Socials specializes in intimate weddings, bringing detail and intention to immersive experiences. Venue scouting is just one of the many things we handle, on top of floor plans, meal plans, design, and timelines.

Still need a planner? I plan, design, and coordinate unique experiences for intentional couples. Contact me here to get started.

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