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3 Key Tips for Planning an Elopement in Kansas City

Elopement offers the option of having a very intimate affair with only a few guests, but that doesn't mean that they should not still express your style, love, and unique story.

When it comes to planning an elopement the same attention to details should be paid even though it’s not a large traditional wedding. You can still have a stunning venue, a jaw-dropping outfit, and a theme that your great-grandkids will reminisce about. To help you sort it all out, we’re sharing 3 key tips for planning an elopement in Kansas City that often gets overlooked.

Elopement in Kansas City

Location, Location, Location

Like most weddings, finding the right venue can make or break your entire ceremony. Given that your party size will be small there are so many more options available to you. Gone are the days where elopements happened in secret or only at a resort out of town. In Kansas City, there are lots of beautiful parks, buildings, and even open-air chapels to choose from.

A park for example can offer a simple, beautiful open space to get married. Places like Antioch Park and Powell Gardens are special, romantic, and welcome small parties. The Marlese Lowe Gourley Island Garden at Powell Gardens is a scenic spot for small parties and has a very affordable wedding package that includes sound and lighting, perfect for evening-to-night celebrations.

If you prefer more elegant venues, The Gatsby on Oak and The Vow Exchange are also wonderful wedding venues.

Elopement in Kansas City

Dress it up!

Just because it’s a small ceremony doesn’t mean you need to skip out on the attire. Your outfits can look like whatever you desire, even though most couples still opt for the traditional attire of suits and dresses. Even if you do choose to go the traditional route, just remember that black and white are not the only colors available to you. Dare to be different and choose colors and styles that reflect your uniqueness.

Elopement in Kansas City

Building the Right Team

Your elopement ceremony can look like whatever you desire. Choosing to say vows, exchange rings or unity ceremonies is your preference. Overall, the smallest elopement party would include two witnesses, the officiant, and the couple.

While you might wish to limit your elopement to just immediate family members, due to the size, it’s important to still have a photographer for the ceremony. (And they could be one of your witnesses too!).

Final Tips: Planning an Elopement in Kansas City

How could we wrap our recommendations without mentioning food? Even if you’re having under 75 people for an elopement or other type of intimate wedding, you can still cater to your guests’ taste buds. Many venues will work with you to provide small-group catering or even an upscale cocktail hour. Your elopement planner should be able to provide a number of ideas and options to help you decide.

We also recommend not worrying too much about the legal stuff on your special day. In fact, we highly suggest hiring an elopement wedding planner, who will take care of all the fine details for you. That way you can truly enjoy the company of your significant other and your intimate group of guests.

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