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5 Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding Venues in Kansas City

Choosing the best outdoor wedding venue is more than choosing a pretty space. You also need to think about the weather, capacity, accessibility, and most importantly the layout.

Outdoor wedding venues have a special magic to them. They offer a picturesque location, the beauty of natural lighting and often doesn’t require a lot of décor. But you’ll also be faced with different challenges compared to an indoor wedding venue, such as the need for a Plan B in the event of unexpected weather changes.

Whether it be on a historic estate or fully engulfed in nature, Kansas City has a lot of outdoor wedding venues for couples looking for fresh air, beautiful scenery, and a touch of sunlight. Here are five outdoor wedding venues we love.

The Pavilion Outdoor Wedding Venues in Kansas City

(Source: Wedding Wire)

The Grove, which is on the same property, houses their Open Air Chapel. The Open Air Chapel offers couples a unique and artistic view that is unique in Kansas City. This space can house over 300 guests as well as provide surround sound speakers to ensure that everyone can hear what’s going on.

Their custom lighting options offer nighttime availability. The chapel can be customized to fit any wedding, and also offers bartender services, décor and free parking.

PRO TIP: Don’t cross larger venues off your list if you’re hosting an intimate wedding. You can use décor, lighting or creating an accent wall to make a large venue feel more intimate. Larger venues can also be sectioned into multi-function spaces, such as creating a lounge or cocktail area. This will make the space feel more intimate and also encourages conversation amongst your guests!

The Terrace on the Grand Outdoor Wedding Venues in Kansas City

(Source: Eventective)

The Terrace on Grand has a magnificent deck that overlooks the city and offers beautiful 360 degree views that makes it one of the best outdoor wedding venues. The terrace can accommodate 200 guests and they offer additional services such as bartenders, servers, and a doorman.

With a state-of-the-art sound and light system, the Terrace is a great spot for nighttime weddings and receptions. They offer decorative linens, as well as a full bar with unlimited drinks, and catering if you desire.

Belvoir Winery Outdoor Wedding Venues in Kansas City

(Source: WeddingWire)

While just over a 20-minute drive from Kansas City, this venue had to be included. The Belvoir Winery is located just outside of Kansas City and is one of the most elegant outdoor wedding venues. With long, sweeping views of the vineyard and excellent wines to pair with the view, the Belvoir Winery is a sophisticated place to be wed.

The venue offers bridal salons for couples and overnight rooms for guests and members of the bridal party. They also have a 1,500 square foot bridal suite for the newlyweds to spend their first night as a couple in. The winery can accommodate 250 guests and can provide several good wines for the occasion.

Loose Mansion Outdoor Wedding Venues in Kansas City

(Source: Loose Mansion)

You might not have thought of a mansion when thinking of an outdoor wedding venue, but the Loose Mansion is one to add to the list. It has beautiful rooms and an even more stunning garden, and as a result many couples choose to get married outside. With the benefit of the proximity of the building, they offer immediate relocation into the mansion in case of inclement weather.

The venue can house about 200 guests, and they provide sound, lighting, dressing rooms, an open bar, as well as décor and cleaning. The historic site is a unique place to be wed and offers many modern perks such as the ability to livestream your wedding.

Powell Gardens Outdoor Wedding Venues in Kansas City

(Source: Powell Gardens)

Powell Gardens offers a few outdoor places for your wedding. The Marlese Lowe Gourley Island Garden is scenic, private and can hold up to 35 guests. The perfect location for an intimate wedding! If your guest list is over 35 the location also offers the Fountain Garden which can hold 150 guests, and the Missouri Barn which can hold 200 guests.

The Fountain Garden is rather remarkable with its 42-foot water feature and hydrangeas, annuals, and cannas planted all around. The Missouri Barn looks over a large, edible garden, the largest in the nation. They do not offer extra perks, but will work with you to fit everything you desire in your space such as sound, lighting, music, entertainment, bars, dining, and more.

Conclusion: Outdoor Wedding Venues in Kansas City

Kansas City has a lot to offer for couples looking to host an outdoor wedding. It all comes down to choosing a venue that meets all your needs. If you’re struggling to find a venue or looking for additional options, let’s see if our venue scouting services might be right for you.

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