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How to Prioritize Your Intimate Wedding Budget

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Hey there, small wedding seeker.

This post is going to show you how to prioritize the items in your wedding budget according to your values. The most important thing to remember is that no matter how much you spend, you want to spend well. Identify what matters most, be generous there, and cut out the rest.

Here are some tips on where to splurge (according to intimate wedding values and benefits):

Quality Time

intimate wedding budget

photo: Chelsea Dawn Weddings

If you value quality time with your entire guest list, invest in the celebration space. Find a place you feel like you could spend the entire day in, and book it for as much time as you can. Consider making a wedding weekend of it! A bed and breakfast, spacious rental home, or set of cabins makes the perfect setting. Intimate weddings give you the opportunity to keep everyone together.

If you value quality time between the two of you, invest in the honeymoon (suite). You'll want to cherish the time surrounding your wedding in a comfortable environment. And then yeah, take the honeymoon!


intimate wedding budget

If you value the concept of a family legacy, invest in the things that will last forever. Your photographer and videographer will be key members of the team. You'll also want to splurge on nicer invitations. They make lovely keepsakes.

If you're in this to create an heirloom memory, include some of the tips from everything on this list.


intimate wedding budget

photo: Chelsea Dawn Weddings

If showing your guests a good time is a priority, splurge on good food and transportation.

Get the real dishes. Go with fun food stations or a plated meal over a buffet. Always go for quality over quantity (food waste isn't a good look). You don't necessarily need an open bar. Make (good) beer and wine available to be a good host. Pair it with signature cocktails and you've crossed into generous territory. Provide transportation and your wedding is both safe and convenient for guests.

It's the little things that make the biggest impact at small weddings, but big stuff like this is also easier to manage.


intimate wedding budget

If you're big on creating a once in a lifetime experience, invest in the pros. Don't underestimate the significance of custom art pieces like flowers or attire. The creative process can be meaningful and fun.

If you want a live experience, try music, a caricature artist, group lessons, or a private chef. Learning something new together and sharing novel experiences can create powerful lifelong memories.

Ambiance also plays a big role here, so your venue and designer make a big impact. Design directs the eye, creates wow factor, directs traffic- you want it handled well!


intimate wedding budget

Sometimes the wedding is meant to fit nicely into a wonderful life, not dominate it. You want to celebrate well without all the stress, pomp, and circumstance. Maybe you want someone to guide you through all the budget and value stuff.

Get the planner. ;)It's a no brainer when you realize they provide everything on this list.

Hope that helps!

Happy planning.

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