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3 Tips for Choosing an Elopement Package in Kansas City

Weddings can be time-consuming, even if you choose not to have a large traditional wedding. For couples who prefer to have a smaller, more intimate ceremony, focused on their love and journey, rather than a guest list, an elopement might be the perfect thing for you.

Many wedding planners and venues offer elopement packages in Kansas City that couples can choose to suit their needs. It all comes down to finding the best package and what to look for to ensure that includes everything you desire.


No two elopements are the same and that goes for the packages as well. An elopement package in Kansas City can be as low as $1000 or as high as $50,000. It all depends on what you would like to have included on your big day.

Words of caution, don’t decide on a package purely based on cost. It might seem like a good idea to go for a lower-priced elopement package since it is a more intimate event. Just remember that this is your wedding day, and even though you’ve chosen to have a smaller affair, this doesn’t mean that you cannot have a stunning, well-designed experience. Choosing a lower-priced package purely based on cost could lead to you missing out on key items to make your day memorable. Lower cost can also lead to lower quality vendors, less personalization, and ultimately the thing you want to avoid, a more stressful planning experience for you.

Most importantly, have a look at what’s included in the elopement package for the cost. Does it include the venue, an officiant, catering, florals, or a photographer? These are key pieces to having a beautiful ceremony, even with just you and your partner.

Elopement Package


Choosing a venue for your elopement is one of the most important steps. Whether you wish to have an outdoor wedding, something rustic, or a location with a view, the venue will be the foundation for creating the wedding of your dreams.

With elopements, it can be a lot easier to find a place to get married since you will have a smaller guest list. Most elopement packages in Kansas City offered by wedding planners will either include a venue or the planner will help you choose a location. Some examples of venues in Kansas City that are great for elopements include Powell Gardens or The Gatsby on Oak.

Elopement Package


Elopements are extra special because the ceremony can look however you’d like. This means you can choose to exchange rings, read vows, have a cultural ceremony, sing songs, or do an adventure elopement. The best elopement packages will allow you to customize exactly what kind of ceremony you would like. For example, if you’d like to have a Photographer but no videos. Your Elopement planner should provide you with options to create a unique package just for your needs.

Conclusion: Choosing an Elopement Package

Whether you’re looking to elope on a schedule or if it’s a spontaneous decision, these weddings are no less special and important than a traditional one. Comparing elopement packages just comes down to finding a package that includes everything you need, and that is customizable to add or remove items to suit your desired ceremony. If you’re planning an elopement in Kansas City give me a call and I’d be happy to share some ideas from my past clients.

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