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A Spanish/Indian fusion wedding at the Cider Art Gallery

A couple walks into a coffee shop on their wedding day.
Rhythm KC Photography

"Wedding in Lawrence?"

It was the title of Chandra and Chris' email to me when they first reached out. About an hour away, they wanted to know if it was too far for me to consider.

I find it ironic now that I know them to be a well-traveled couple. These two have some incredible experiences under their belt, including the peace corps, medical school, and trips to multiple continents. In fact, Chandra's father is from India and she loves traveling back. Chris' mother is from Spain and Spanish culture was a heartfelt piece of growing up. As Chris' father would eventually tell me, theirs was a destination wedding... that just happened to take place in Lawrence, Kansas. Chandra and Chris are thoughtful about each person they've met in their journeys, which is why they thought to ask about Lawrence before getting started. That kindness even extended to everyone on their creative team.

Hell yeah I was in.

Designing their wedding was like weaving together all the elements of their journeys. Each intentional choice added to the mosaic of their story, which was why it was fitting the Cider Art Gallery was the backdrop to it all. To all of the people who helped them through years of schooling and residencies, local coffee as favors. To reflect her Indian side, a mehndi (henna party), floral garlands, and a Saptapadi (7 steps) at the ceremony. To reflect his Spanish side, a Spanish coin ceremony, and a delicious tapas station from La Bodega.

I remember being surprised by how lighthearted and fun it all felt. Like kids playing in the yard, your favorite song on a road trip, or a small birthday surprise. You couldn't help but smile. Chris' father, a retired minister, performed their ceremony with heart, warm rapport, and humor. There were Legos and pops of color and a child being pulled in a wagon. Cory Phillips and the Band of Light provided a cool vibe to cocktail hour with charcuterie cups, sun glasses, and lawn games. We opened the reception up to their first dance to a mashup of popular Spanish and Indian songs. The food stations opened up, the DJ began, and the night took off.

At the end of the night, the room as absolutely buzzing with loving, celebratory energy. The kind you only get when good people come together and commit to loving one another in each incredible moment. After the dance floor was full, LED light wands were the perfect conclusion to a light, fun, and connected day.

Creative Team:

Venue: The Cider Gallery

Planning & Design: Bespoke Socials

Catering: La Bodega

Charcuterie: Forks n Chill

Photography: Rhythm KC

DJ: DJ Connection

Band: Cory Phillips and the Band of Light

Flowers: Daylight Flora

Photobooth: Showtime Karaoke

Audio Guest Book: Fete Fone

Cake: Cake a Boo

Rentals: Supply Event Rentals

Dress: Jenny Yoo

Suit: Martin Patrick

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