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Mini Weddings

A heartfelt ceremony and a miniature gathering to follow.  Think... cake and champagne reception, or live music and wine/apps in a greenhouse, or a private dinner on the deck. It's kind of like a wedding ceremony and cocktail hour alone.


It's a super cute, low key alternative to the traditional wedding for couples who want something focused on the ceremony.


    The Details

    Some call it a micro wedding, or a minimony, or an elopement. It's perfect for adventurous couples who want to celebrate beautifully and meaningfully... on a smaller scale.


    Great for:

    • 3-4 hours total ceremony and gathering time

    • Petite ($5k-10k)  and mid sized ($15k-30k) budgets

    • Under 40 guests

    • Keeping close loved ones involved in an "elopement-style" celebration

    You get all the details that matter and we thoughtfully skip what doesn't.



    Planned, Designed, & Coordinated

    You get the same planning support and creative eye of wedding planner who loves to celebrate small.


    Logistics & Admin

    We begin with your intentions, create the overall plan, and implement it.

    • Unlimited contact

    • Custom planning timeline and monthly to do lists

    • Line item budget creation & management

    • Source & attend meetings with vendors

    • Wedding website and invitation/save the date recommendations

    • Light menu development

    • Personalized recommendations, thoughtful ideas, and experienced advice


    Venue Sourcing & Design

    We find the perfect spot and personalize it.


    • Venue recommendations

    • Venue walk-throughs

    • Venue team collaboration

    • Full design deck for ceremony and gathering space.

    • Floor plans

    • Floral recommendations and ordering

    • Inventory sourcing & management

    • Hotel block coordination


    Event Management

    We manage behind the scenes during your celebration so you and yours can enjoy.

    • Up to 4 hours event management 

    • Set up and tear down

    • Timeline creation and management

    • Vendor coordination

    • Rehearsal coordination

    • On site design

    • Comfort kit for couple

    • Coordination of special elements (lighting candles, dimming lights, handing out favors, etc).

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