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What Does a Wedding Planner Do?

We lay out the plan, help you get there, and enjoy it.

A wedding planner provides a variety of skills and services that help you plan and execute a wedding. In general, we provide organization, procedure, logistics management, and on-site event management to weddings and events. We help you build relationships, make thoughtful suggestions, and provide experienced advice.


What We Do For You

Each planner is unique, but here are the skills and services Bespoke Socials takes pride in:

Vendor Referrals

We get to know you and the needs of your wedding, then match you with professionals who get you and contribute to the big picture intention of your day. We pride ourselves on supporting local artists and small businesses with values that align with yours.

Vendor Communication

Our job is to pull together a creative team. We'll introduce you to vendors, attend meetings with them, and communicate with vendors on your behalf. Everyone will get a contact sheet, timeline, notes, and details about your day. We're also their point of contact on the day of.

Contract/Quote Review

We do not replace legal advice, but we know what a fair quote looks like and what's normal. We want to make sure your  your time and investment are protected. We can ask questions, advocate for you, and make sure there are no surprises.

Floor Plans

Your floor plan will help us work through your day logistically, get started with inventory, and communicate with vendors. When we walk through a space together, we can give you our experienced insight and observations as we talk through ideas.

Planning Timeline

What are we doing? When? When do invites go out, again? Your planner knows the answer and has it all laid out in a pretty spreadsheet. We'll hold you accountable, keep you track, and remind you how awesome you are throughout.

Day of Timeline

Your wedding day's timeline is an essential document! It needs to accommodate all of your vendors, your guests, your festivities, and even take lighting, weather, and meal times into consideration. You'll get a thoroughly detailed timeline for your wedding day so you spend your time with intention.


Have we mentioned the pretty spreadsheets? There's also customized timelines, checklists, and resources. We keep it all organized in a shared GDrive so you always know exactly where we're at with planning.

Advocacy & Advice

We're in the business of support. We'll tell you if your ideas are realistic, answer your questions, give you ideas, and celebrate wins with you every step of the way. We have developed best practices that help you break the rules in all the best ways.

Budget Management

We know what to expect for your wedding expenses, and can help you plan and prepare realistically with a line-item breakdown. We'll keep track of your expenses and show you how to spend your hard-earned money well.


Color palettes and mood boards, of course! Also logistics management, rental coordination, floral suggestions, and installs. Ambiance takes skill and taste, and it makes one of the biggest impacts on your wedding day. We even carry rentals to make design a little easier (and more fun).

Venue Scouting

Need help finding the perfect space? Want to turn a not so perfect space into a better one? Want to know if the space you're considering is a good fit? We've got your back. We'll make suggestions, check out the space, and provide our insight.

Day of Coordination

After all this dreaming and planning, we can't wait to see it come together on the big day. We'll coordinate your rehearsal and ceremony, plus manage your team, communicate with loved ones, and keep the day's timeline. We'll bring the emergency kits and the pep talks.

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Specialties & Fit

Our skills and services vary according to the needs of the types of weddings that we plan. A destination wedding planner, for example, will be especially skilled at booking travel arrangements, finding translators, and dealing with passport issues.

I plan intimate, offbeat weddings. That means I'm used to making unique locations celebration-appropriate, finding and working with lots of unique vendors, and alternative ceremonies, attire choices, and timelines.

In addition to style and vibe compatibility, your planner should be experienced in the type of wedding you want to have.

Why Hire a Planner?

Ten Great Reasons

1. You want someone to see you and create a once in a lifetime experience with what they see. I'm all about that life (I do it full time).
2. You want to enjoy the process. Isn't this supposed to be fun? Someone mentioned tastings and photoshoots.
3. You have things to do. Wedding planning takes a lot of time, and you want some of yours back.
4. You want someone who knows what they're doing to take the lead (chances are, I have planned at least 10 more weddings than you).
5. You want to see the best parts of yourself emerge with wedding planning. The fun, peaceful, deeply in love, happy parts of you.
6. You don't want to go through it alone.
7. You like structure. Me too ;)
8. You want your loved ones to relax.
9. You don't want to be in charge of something you're supposed to enjoy.
10. You want to have a really awesome wedding.  I built a whole business around that.

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