It marries (pun intended) the heart with the logistics).


What it Is

We create a cohesive ambiance that helps your celebration look and feel great. We get a sense of you and your day and work it into layouts, floor plans, backdrops, and decor items. We'll find the items and team to make it happen, then make sure it comes together the day of.


Who its For

Couples who value ambiance and want to create an entire vibe for their celebration. You want to be seen, have your ideas and priorities interpreted into real life plans, and then enjoy it the day (or weekend) of.


  • Have something amazing to celebrate!

  • Want to feel like your celebration came straight outta the cool side of Pinterest

  • Lots of cool ideas but aren't sure how to make it happen

Your Plans

  • An amazing celebration that looks good, feels good, and flows well.

  • Thoughtful details that help tell your love story.

  • Not stressing about the details.

Your Needs

  • Someone who can create a beautiful and unique environment with décor, lighting, texture, and color.

  • Someone to interpret your ideas into one cohesive ambiance for your day and your space

  • Someone to manage the logistics of making it happen so you can just have fun


How it Works



Phase I

You'll submit a design questionnaire, share inspiration, and describe your wedding plans. I will follow up with a selection of custom color palettes and mood boards. Once you've finalized the big picture, we meet on-site at your venue to walk through the space and map out ideas.

Let's plan a wedding

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