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After the Wedding

The Bespoke Social Process

Phase One: Vision Work

Wedding Planning (without the bullshit)

A kick-ass wedding is an authentic expression of one's unique love story. It is thoughtful, daring. and bold. A two-on-one guided workshop will help me get to know you while you get to the heart of your celebration:

Step One: Intention

Why are you having a wedding? Let's do this on purpose. Get in touch with your values, define what matters to you, define what doesn't.

Step Two: Budget

Put your money where your values are. Get realistic about the numbers. You work hard for your money, so spend it well.

Step Three: Guests

A wedding is for whoever a couple decides it is for. Be bold. Apply the purpose to the people, making the big picture vision official.

This is your time to talk through ideas and compare options. We'll also start building your custom wedding planning folder. By the end you'll be ready to put a deposit down on your celebration space, making your wedding official!

Newlywed Couple

Phase Two: Big Picture

Small Wedding Magic

Now that you've laid out a solid foundation for your day, it's time for the frame!

First, we'll meet to tour your celebration space together and come up with preliminary ideas for how to use it.

Next, I introduce you to small wedding planning magic. We use two main items to keep track of details:

Shared Wedding Planning Folder

The shared planning folder holds serious the goodies: the SPREADSHEETS! I'm super hands on, and I get excited over color coded spreadsheets. Looking for a checklist, timeline, inventory, numbers...? Find it here.

Look Book

The next part is just as good as spreadsheets- the design! Your custom look book is about 20 pages, and it will contain all the details of the way your wedding will look and feel. That includes color palettes, detailed mood boards, and inventory lists, all artfully designed and described.

At the conclusion of Phase Two, you see your custom look book and make key design choices.

Phase Three: Details

T's crossed, I's dotted

It's time to fill out the day...

  • Shot lists

  • Contact sheets

  • Inventory lists

  • Menus

  • Flavors

  • Day of Timeline

  • Stationary

  • Communication

  • Attire details

...I'll keep you organized and held accountable for your part while managing the major details. Relax, it's almost time to...

Image by Yutacar

Phase Four: Final 45

To wedded bliss

In the final 45-30 days before you're married, we'll meet to make sure we're on the same page about the big picture and all the details.

We'll wrap up loose ends, communicate plans with vendors and loved ones, finish writing those vows, and make a plan to pick up the marriage license.

Take a spa day and an extra date night. Relax, it's almost time to...

Phase Five: Celebrate!

Marriage is a beautiful thing

I'll be behind the scenes the entire day making sure everything goes off without a hitch and you and your loved ones can enjoy. Soak up every moment.​

Congrats! Enjoy wedded bliss.


Explore Wedding Planning Magic

Are you excited yet? I've assembled a combination of services that should fit most clients. Take a look at the link below.

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