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Hello World: Here's to Adventure

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Here it is, that little space in the hospitality world I've created for the folks who understand the importance of carving out time in our busy lives to stop, breathe, and celebrate.

I'm a planner, so my head is always in the future. As I have approached my launch date I've been doing a lot of soul-searching, listening to favorites like Tim Ferris, Sam Harris, and Michael Hyatt explain how to bring vision and purpose to your work. I know where I want to be 3, 5, 10 years from now. Believe me, I have the vision boards.

But how about now? What do I want to learn from this moment? When is the last time you paused to reflect from a place of deep gratitude for the things that brought you where you are right this second?

That's where I find some magic in event planning. Of course I love running behind the scenes like a deranged puppet master pulling the strings and running the show. Event planning challenges me in all the best ways: with my creativity, my organization, my people skills, my empathy. But one of the biggest hurdles event planning forces me to face is my struggle to let go of the future.

Picture this: A young Elena Bespoke is turning seventeen. She has planned a full itinerary of events for her five closest friends at The Grove in Los Angeles, where she's still living at the time. She has a distinct vision, a plan for what the day will bring her. Inevitably, something goes wrong and throws the entire timeline for the day off track. Her best friend catches her in the midst of an anxiety spiral. reminding her that she's not even having a good time when she's obsessed with her plan.

Picture another scene: Elena is twenty-three. She is newly engaged, far sooner than the timeline for her life had dictated she should be. She is supposed to be in the Peace Corps right now, but a man threw off her entire life's plan and she embraced all the discomfort and unfamiliarity he brings to her life. To celebrate their impending nuptials, she and her beloved plan a trip to the Quad Cities for an epic weekend away. The first event on the itinerary? A dog fashion show. How cute, right? Only she and her betrothed aren't so used to traveling together yet, and they arrive two hours behind schedule. Elena refuses to leave the hotel room, devastated that her first adventure away as an engaged woman isn't going according to plan. Her future husband embraces her in her frustration and reminds her that this is what they're signing up for: life, with all its uncertainties, and doing it together. Elena takes a step out the door.

Despite all the life lessons, Elena finds herself in unfamiliar territory again. She's still attempting to plan her life, only for life to have its own plans for her. She doesn't feel as ready as she thought she would. She imagined a longer stint in corporate event planning, in working for someone (something) else, before she'd have to gather up all her experience and more courage than she has within herself to go off-plan and embrace the adventure that life is presenting her.

It's scary as hell, but here I am. Hello, world.

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