Serenity Weddings

Curated, full service, all-inclusive weddings.


"Spontaneity is meticulously prepared art"

-Oscar Wilde

Great for busy couples, spontaneous couples, and couples who just don't want to get into the nitty gritty of wedding planning, a Serenity Wedding takes all the stress of preparation and leaves you with the ability to experience your wedding instead of agonize over it.

Each Serenity wedding is custom based on your style and budget, but most plans typically include:

  • Celebration space (typically a unique venue, cabin, private home, or AirBnb)

  • Honeymoon suite

  • Flowers and decor

  • Reception with catering and dessert

  • Photography

  • Complete planning and day of coordination


How it Works

How? A planner (that's me, Keilah), gets to know you, your values, and what you're wanting to get out of your celebration and puts together a custom plan in your budget. You can pick and customize details before a final plan is put into place.

Vision Work

We get to know each other and what this celebration means to you in three guided meetings over the course of 6-8 weeks. You'll go through a Kick Starter Guide with your fiancé for homework, which includes date night quizzes and questionnaires.

Event Proposal

After I get to know you and your style through vision work, I'll put together an event proposal with 2-3 big picture ideas for you to choose from including celebration space, activities, mood board, and a ballpark range for the budget.

Look Book

A look book is a complete visual and logistical guide to your wedding, where you can select final details like your decor and flowers. You'll use this to give me the final approval before executing your plan. It's about 20 pages long, and has everything from your day of timeline to your color palette. A lot of couples keep it as a keepsake!

Final Prep

You still have a bit of work to do! You'll have to pull together your attire, communicate with loved ones, and put together a playlist. Don't worry, I'll keep you on track with every detail and you still get unlimited contact, and I'll still set you up for the fun parts of planning like tastings and tours.


Show up and experience your wedding day! If you like surprises, I'm happy to keep some details to myself, otherwise, enjoy your custom curated experience with a full team of vendors to take care of all the details. Enjoy! Marriage is a beautiful thing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Let me break it down

How many people am I allowed to have?

Up to 50 of your favorite people

Am I allowed to choose my own vendors?

Yes! You can take over any aspect of planning that you'd like (though the beauty is that you don't have to).

Does it include _____?

A Serenity Wedding is completely custom, meaning we can add on most things your heart desires.

How much does it cost?

Most couples have a total wedding budget of $10-15,000, or a total elopement budget of $4-6,000.

When should I book?

Serenity Weddings are great for short engagements, and typically planned within 6 months of your ideal date, but can be booked in as short as 3 months. I'll reserve dates up to a year out.


Ready to do this?


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